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Welcome to Soul Flow

We are Karen and Jeni and we offer; therapeutic Retreats and Day-stays, Plant nights, Remote and Group therapeutic offers as well as the Imaginal Field Project.

All our work aims to get you more 'in flow' with yourself and your soul's purpose. Between us we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise that we like to share abundantly with you as we go about the healing work (see the Who We Are page).


We support you to shed some of life's overlays and allow you to really meet and connect with your Self, the natural world and the beautiful spiritual guidance that awaits us 'across the veil' - in other realms. 

If this type of work is new to you, then feel free to ask for a call and find out more. 

A little background:

We designed Soul Flow in response to discovering, for ourselves; the simple power of integrating Shadow Parts (inner children) back into the whole Self (CJ Jung).


...raising our intuitive connections with nature so that we started to receive healing and guidance directly from plants and animals.

And from discovering whole other worlds on shamanic journeys, where power animals and spirit guides are waiting to impart wisdom to us.


We are so excited to share this three-part therapeutic path with you and teach these timeless, deeper connections. We really hope you will join us, and know that whoever you are and whatever you bring, together with Jeni's 'dreamy' garden, fire, fun and incredibly nourishing food and healing teas...we will create a synergistic field together and ultimately create more Soul Flow.

Retreats & Plant nights

Retreats, Plant nights & Groups

Soul Flow Therapeutic Retreats
Soul Flow 'Meet a Plant' Nights

Soul Flow retreats are our fully immersive offer. Come stay in our beautiful Tiny Home for our 2 night retreat, or stay for a full or half day, we provide everything you need and there's space to tune-in to your dreams and time to listen to what our wild garden is saying to you. 

Pick a duration that suits you and get in touch to discuss dates. The offer is the same...Soul Flow is 

1. meeting with an inner child or 'shadow part' of self in a boundaried therapy session with qualified Shadow Work therapist - Karen

2. a meeting with a plant or aspect of nature you feel drawn to, guided by award winning plant specialist - Jeni

then 3. a chance to do a ceremonial shamanic journey with Karen's Rami skin drum, seeking healing from other realms, with the option of Jeni doing a soul retrieval for you.


VIP 2 night retreat (full board) £450 

Full-day retreat £300

Half-day retreat £150

Plant nights at Jeni and Karen's are very relaxed evenings generally from 6-9pm.


They start around a beautiful ceremonial fire with a little teaching about a specific plant. Then we will go for a short walk to 'meet' the plant and bring some back to the fire where we will showcase some uses

The evening ends with an opportunity to try a shamanic drum-led journey with the spirit of the plant


Mugwort Night - Thu 20th June '24



£10 per person

Soul Flow Group + Indiv. Therapy Session

The Soul Flow Group experience is a unique opportunity to bring together all the elements of the retreat offer but with the added alchemy of sharing plant connections and journey experiences around an open fire as a mini tribe. An exciting opportunity to create a synergistic group field together.

The Soul Flow Group offer involves scheduling a  Shadow Work session on zoom (or in person) with Karen sometime in the week before the retreat.Then joining the group gathering at 60 Cross Drove, thru Coates, Cambridgeshire UK. Lunch & refreshments included

November 26th 2-8pm.

January 20th 11-5pm

£80 per person


 I have had the pleasure of spending a weekend with Karen and Jeni and can say with my heart wide open that to be present in their company is an absoloute privilege and a blessing.

The creative abundance and bravery in Jeni bubbles to the surface and manifests in her warm, cheeky and smiley face 24/7.

Karen's connection to the earth straddles both realms and is deep in ancient knowledge yet abundant in actual modern knowledge which provides a beautiful and accessible bridge to the mystical.

I love them both and so will you.
Chris from Essex
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