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The Imaginal Field Project

The Imaginal Field Project is a table-turning idea to 'ask' a 5 acre field, in Cambridgeshire, what it wants from us!


The idea is based on the ancient animistic premise that the land is sentient, has it's own consciousness and that this field, near Coates, Cambridgeshire, is an individual in it's own right and, with the right listening human ears, can 'communicate' who it is and what it's needs are. We would be directly respecting and putting ourselves in service to the land instead of the other way around.

We hope to have Arts Council funding in place by June next year (2024) to start inviting people who are practiced at opening up these communication channels, to come and consult with the field, and we will be building group activities and events around these visitors, including working with children from nearby schools. We also hope that visitors depict what they've heard in some kind of art form to be displayed in an exhibition space in Peterborough museum November 2024.

Who knows what will come of this novel yet ancient approach. Maybe we'll hear nothing, maybe the answer will sing out loud and clear through the various visitors or only become clear when we look at the exhibition as one piece. We can't promise that what the field wants will happen, but we can be open to the power of and listening. Jeni and I are very excited to see what happens.

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