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Who we are

Karen and Jeni are the synergy behind Soul Flow. With over 30 years combined experience in healing modalities and nature connection you are in very safe hands when you join us at Soul Flow



Karen is a therapist and nature connection visionary. She grew up in Glasgow, gained a biology degree and followed her roots to Shetland, where she lived and worked for 25 years. Her projects; 'Nature Prescriptions' and 'World Wild Day' are internationally acclaimed.

It was a heartbreak, aged 48, that threw her into her own 'work' and without true elders or a sense of her own indigeny, led her to look inward, to do the shadow work and to raise her intuition for for a deeper connection with nature. At the same time and as if by magic, a path unfolded to meet the best intuitive trackers in the world...the San Bushmen of the Kalahari. "The San see 'silver lines' going over the desert when they're tracking a wild animal - they use their bodies as antennae to pick up the energy trails" Karen says, ..."lots of Westerners don't believe these silver lines exist but I like to's not science OR the silver lines, it's science AND the silver lines, and we can have both".

Karen is passionately committed to all three elements of Soul Flow and particularly the Shadow work (inner child work), which she believes is like a honeybee cleaning its antennae before it flies...the critical first step to being able to hear the vibrations of the universe and raise our intuition for our higher purpose.

 Karen brings her lightsomeness, her psychotherapy experience, an inspiring nature-way, her homemade skin-drum and her beautiful self-built Tiny Home 


Jeni is a joyful artist, gardener and plant healer with a wealth of ‘soul food’ to share. 

She has always lived and worked in the fens, creating a haven in what used to be her grandparents house. 

She can’t remember a time when she wasn't on a spiritual quest. Behind her forward facing life of successful sculptor, garden designer and previously a restaurant owner - she’s had a lifetime of study into the metaphysical; into eastern philosophies, shamanic healing and now plant spirit medicine and herbalism. She’s always had a desire to heal people and animals

On discovering a more direct connection you can have with plants like Mugwort or when journeying to a shamanic drum, her focus has turned to more willfully wild and medicinal plants and her apothecary grows by the day. Jeni brings the plants, nourishing food and a warm creative connection as well as her wild and whimsical garden - the setting for most Soul Flow experiences.


People have described Jeni's garden as 'dreamy', 'like a fairy-tale' 'full of secret hidden treasures' 'heaven' - so it's definitely another personality in the mix. Find her work @jenicairns 

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