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A birthing trip to Avebury

Updated: Jan 25

In a ‘journey’ Jeni met my ancestors for me: about a hundred elders had gathered - all from the same culture (though they transcended cultures)  - all tanned and all

gathering for me.

They were really welcoming and giving and they danced. They said “Come back often. We’re here for you” and 3 buzzards circled overhead.

I approached my actual birth day and turning 52 with great excitement because we had planned to go to Avebury.

I don’t know about you but I hadn’t heard of Avebury before. Stonehenge yes. But the pregnant mounds, ancestral long barrows and Goddess energies rising up from the Stones at Avebury had escaped my attention.

Until various recent tip-offs and synchronicities led us to be standing in front of huge Monica Sjöö paintings of Avebury and its magic on the 04th of January in Oxford.

I was blown away by the paintings and the realisation that she had been cracked open by the Earth energies at Avebury - like I am being cracked open in my life right now.

So after being at the exhibition and wandering around Oxford for a while (and even though we had my birthday trip ahead of us) - we discussed whether we should slip down the road to Avebury (and Silbury hill in particular) - which the satnav said was only an hour and a bit away! Just to see if we 'felt' anything !

It turned out to be a huge night for us. We set off at 4 from Oxford and it started raining immediately - lightly at first and then quite heavy - it got dark and the rain intensified. By the time we passed a sign for a white horse it was apocalyptic. My little black Yaris - who i call “Spirit” - was struggling to make it through some massive bodies of water that were sitting on the road. We pile-drived through sill-deep water past a van that hadn’t made it….broken down and semi-off the road.

And by the time the satnav said Silbury hill was only half a mile away - we gave up and pulled into a passing place at the top of a hill. There was a wooden waymarker sign pointing left to “The Sanctuary”.

We paused and took stock. But as we were here - it occurred to me that this might be a good place to honour my two unborn babies, which I'd committed to do after a recent therapy session, where I realised that I haven't properly recognised and honoured the two babies that I had stopped in full flight.

So we had a look in the glove compartments for an offering and found some hazel catkins and some dried red clover and I got out of the car in the lashing rain, said a few words and sprinkled them into the wind.

The drive back home was horrible…four and a half hours of extra driving and we made it back to the safety of the ever-pumped fens.

The night of my actual birthday - we both had dreams of water - water overwhelming our feet and footwear. In fact it's been about water for weeks and as we returned to Avebury on the 18th Jan my thoughts were suddenly overtaken by the realisation that I am about to enter the body of the mother!

We arrived at the same passing place next to The Sanctuary, in daylight and it all started to make ‘sense’.

It seems that I had given Hazel and Clover back to an incredibly energetic place…where the Michael and Mary ley lines cross and where Monica Sjöö saw fertility and fecundity and where ancestors are buried. 3 buzzards actually circled overhead as I felt relief that my two beautiful unborn children are being held in this place.

Then when I get to one of the megaliths nearest the chapel in the oldest enclosure of standing stones at Avebury, I find myself drawn to sit, leaning on the concrete marker that indicates a huge recumbent stone underneath - and in the sunshine with legs falling slightly apart - I give birth again (in my mind) to my two living grown up children.

And when I get home - I have this BIG dream - I wrote it down like this...


Today is the birthday of Y-vee (Yvonne?)

I had a particular ache in my womb space last night - I knew it was from the stones and the grandmother stone in particular.

And during the night I had a dream.

I dreamt we were living…a bunch of houses, roads and cars, on top of the sweep and confluence of two huge energy lines under the ground.

The people had houses and a stadium in that place - there were many mini dramas between the people and the police had the area marked as ‘trouble’.

Then out of the blue

There was a pregnancy which came because of being on top of these deep rivers of energy and we knew the baby would be born well when Kay Barber appeared on our doorstep. She was visiting us anyway and it was lovely to see her but now we also knew the birth would happen and go well.

So the baby was born and there was food and song and celebration and Melody (my daughter) was told of all the alignments and she was the first to hold the baby and to understand the baby's beautiful spirit

Flocks of little birds flew through into the middle of the arena, making little scoop shapes as they came

And as the big running track sized area in the middle of the houses was cleared of cars and the police and people started to prepare for the party we all realised it was a birth-day party and the baby would be there

So the music was planned to communicate (with sound)what a joy it is to have this baby in our lives and the big speakers and the DJ set naturally got packed away coz the baby would be sleeping a lot and needed more harmonious sounds.

Everyone decided to park cars randomly across the entrance of the arena (Spirit was there) but leaving a trackway  through

And once we’d done that, the people and the animals started to file in. People settled on the grassy areas and met and chatted and set up their comfort. A flock of sea swallows flew lightly in and deer came in as families and stayed near. And people brought herbs and big pots and wood carefully chosen and they laid fires on the grass and used water that came up from the ground and an oxen laid down and gave itself to the feast and many beautiful foods were made

There were Mexican sea fish and sharks there too and there were cliffs and the red dirt of Nevada The sun sank and the activity went through the night til

The sun rose in orange glory as the people and the animals raised a harmonious song and the vibration was beautiful

What shall the life of this baby be? We all were excited and full of potential as if we were the baby and all her gifts and

And the women were together on the ground discussing the shape and colours of the baskets they would be weaving - a particular style for the baby

And amber was being worked and people’s hearts were full of the glow-up that this baby had brought

And reindeer were there, heels clicking, grazing lichen straight from the rocks

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